Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Straight Double," 2009, Alistair Frost

"Give Up!," 2010, Joshua Abelow

Give Up!
02/2010 Joshua Abelow

I wasn't a big
reader until my
life went to shit
and I went crazy
and all my friends
got old and wrinkly.
Then, suddenly, reading
was much, much
better and much
more exciting than
all of that. Maybe
some day I'll
give up reading
and go back to
living, but until
then, I prefer
staying in
this room.

"Last Judgement (Resurrection)," 2003, Keith Mayerson

"James Dean (Lucky Strike)," 1957, Ray Johnson

"Lozenge (Tortoise)," 2009, Jeffrey Scott Matthews

Ryan Sullivan

"I Love Warhol Piss Paintings" by Cary Leibowitz

Untitled, 1988, Peter Cain

"Young Oskar," 2010, Joshua Abelow

Young Oskar
01/2010 Joshua Abelow

My mind wanders behind
the wheel. Sometimes,
like now, I pull the car
over to the side of some
strange road to jot down
some strange thought.
I'm parked on the side
of the road in the dark
thinking about how it feels
to be a young artist.
There's a lot of romanticism
in those two words: YOUNG ARTIST
Those words hold romance
for me too, although I usually
feel buried under rocks or
like I'm continually being
crushed by tidal waves.
Here we are with all our
so called talents, but
the wavy lines come out
straight and the straight lines
come out wavy. Every
now and then you think
you've done it right and
then some jerk comes along
and says, "Great job! Do
you know the work of
Oskar Kokoschka?"

Oskar Kokoschka

Untitled, 2005, Matthias Dornfeld

"Food Is a Weapon #1," 2008, Karl Haendel


Untitled (girlfriend), 1993, Richard Prince

"Untitled," 2008, Dike Blair

Cy Twombly

Untitled, 2008, Hansjoerg Dobliar

Auguststrasse 35, Berlin, 2009

Vito Acconci

"MR. BIG DICK," 2010, Joshua Abelow

Mike Kelley

Talia Chetrit

"DOINGDEKOONING," 2008, Joshua Abelow

"Multi Disco Sectionalism Stella Substitution," 2010, Robert Melee

Untitled, 2008, Ruby Neri

Paul Klee

Untitled, 2008, Sebastian Dacey

Untitled, 2009, Bernd Ribbeck

John Finneran

"Canape," 1987 - 1991, Imi Knoebel

"Pink Worms" by Josh Blackwell

"Dionysia" by Francis Picabia

"Complex Shit," 2008, Paul McCarthy

Untitled, 2007, Joshua Abelow

"The Kiss of Death," 1899, Edvard Munch

"Narcissism," 2010, Joshua Abelow

03/2010 Joshua Abelow

You're so special
Special like the Spiral Jetty
Special like breakfast in bed -
Better than pancakes
Better than silence
I want to see the city
No need for the subway -
Special feet can walk for miles

Spiral Jetty, Summer 2008

"#3," 2003, Michael Krebber

"The Grave," 1980, Peter Halley

How great are the prints of Richard Bosman?

Irie Times

"Michael," 1984, Mark Flood

"The Pervert," 2010, Joshua Abelow

The Pervert
04/2010 Joshua Abelow

I can stick out my tongue
for you. If you are
happy, you can stick
yours out too and we
can compare them.
Or, if you are angry
you can grab
something sharp to
jab into it and make
me cry. This would
prove difficult, though,
because my tongue
is quick and precise like
the head of a turtle.

Demian by Hermann Hesse

"Woman Waiting in a Theatre Lobby," 1975, Joan Brown

Magritte, 1948

Hanged Man, 1986, Bruce Nauman

Dictionary of Abstract Painting

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