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Untitled, 2009, Alexander Wolf

"Matches," 2006, Matt Johnson

"Tube Dog," 2010, Tim Hawkinson

"The Classic," 2009, Ryan McLaughlin

"self-portrait in a suitcase," 1996, Pawel Althamer

"Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich.," 2007, Dave Miko

"Will Make This Work If It Kills Me," 2008, Kirsten Stoltmann

Louise Despont

Untitled, 2006, Ben Berlow

"Focusing Within (failing)," 2009, Jeffrey Scott Mathews

"Peace," 1962 - 2007, Michelangelo Pistoletto

"Shirt," 2010, Brian Scott Campbell

Gabriel Vormstein

"To live is to die," 2005

"Cool’s corner," 2006

“The Weeping Gavoy,” 2006

Trisha Donnelly

Untitled, 2010

Untitled, 2010

Untitled, 2010

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Robert Walser: A LITTLE RAMBLE

I walked through the mountains today. The weather was damp, and the entire region was gray. But the road was soft and in places very clean. At first I had my coat on; soon, however, I pulled it off, folded it together, and laid it upon my arm. The walk on the wonderful road gave me more and ever more pleasure; first it went up and then descended again. The mountains were huge, they seemed to go around. The whole mountainous world appeared to me like an enormous theater. The road snuggled up splendidly to the mountainsides. Then I came down into a deep ravine, a river roared at my feet, a train rushed past me with magnificent white smoke. The road went through the ravine like a smooth white stream, and as I walked on, to me it was as if the narrow valley were bending and winding around itself. Gray clouds lay on the mountains as though that were their resting place. I met a young traveler with a rucksack on his back, who asked if I had seen two other young fellows. No, I said. Had I come here from very far? Yes, I said, and went farther on my way. Not a long time, and I saw and heard the two young wanderers pass by with music. A village was especially beautiful with humble dwellings set thickly under the white cliffs. I encountered a few carts, otherwise nothing, and I had seen some children on the highway. We don't need to see anything out of the ordinary. We already see so much.

Translated from German by Tom Whalen

"Reading, Waiting, Copying," 2010, Paul Bloodgood

Britton Tolliver

Steve Gianakos

An Anxiety-Ridden Manhatten Matron Lured by the Forbidden, 2003

Lost Girl, 2003

Village Idiot, 1982

He’s Our Only Child, 1987-1988

John Wesley

Whiskey, 1973

Suzanna and the Lugosis (May I Cut In?), 1972

Leda and the Man, 1972

"IF Nancy Was a Boy," 1972, Joe Brainard

Joe Bradley

Karl Holmqvist

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Robert Ryman

"Exit," 1999, Olivier Mosset

Danny Espinoza

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