Friday, December 31, 2010

"Please look behind you," 2010, Mary Simpson

Untitled, 1991, Ernst Caramelle

Tisch Abelow: Fancy That

Fancy That

So am I really miniature now
Or is it just my head?
Tasseled strings of mine
With paint stained behind
Girl right ahead.
Never big now am I,
With my eye
As high
As the thumbtack
That one barefoot misses.
"No one steps on me
Tiny me." Tiny be,
Tiny L-shaped arms
That you can't see.
Tune figures in
Rattled shaped case
"Wipe that chuckle off your face,"
say those fancy fanatics.
You're pathetic
You're lower than the needle,
"Don't you fiddle-feedle me."
I belong with
This focusing femme
I belong with
This focusing gem
-So get off my back-

Untitled, 2010, Michelle Grabner

"Book and Mirror on Round Table," 2000, Abelardo Morell

"Self-Portrait in Mirrors," 1931, Ilse Bing

"A Mirror on an Easel (Spiegel auf einer Staffelei)," 1926, Max Beckmann

"Mirror Drawing 14-2-99," 1999, Thomas Schütte

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Love Seat," 2005, Richard Hughes

"Afraid of What?," circa 1980, Daniel Johnston

"Stepping Up," 2010, Ruan Hoffmann

Rafael Ferrer

Face #12, 2010

Face #4, 2008

Face, 2010

Face, 2010

Roberto I, 1995

"Strange Fire," 2005, SYLVIE FLEURY

"Red Riding Hood," 2006, VERNE DAWSON

"Saturday Disaster," 1993-94, Peter Cain

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