Monday, January 31, 2011

"Corrected Chair," 2009, William Stone

T. Kelly Mason

Authenticity, 2002

New Yorker , 2002

"Car and Rainbow," 1999, Ola Rindal

Untitled (Louisenberg), 1968, Tony Smith

"Cypher," 1963, Jeremy Moon

"A New Table with a Mission Oak Side Table," 2008, Roy McMakin

Jen DeNike

Isis Levitating, 2010

Isis on Pointe, 2010

Studio visit with Jamison Brosseau, Brooklyn, NY

"Inside Outside," 2010-11, Britton Tolliver

"Goddess," 2003 - 04, Charles Garabedian

Otto Muehl

"Pietà," circa 1994, Robert Hammerstiel

"Woman (Demoiselles d’Avignon period)," 1907, Pablo Picasso


"Telezwiebel," 1963, Dieter Roth

"DREAM AND DO," 1996, Ross Bleckner

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Studio Art Open Session: Abstract Painting at 100

Studio Art Open Session: Abstract Painting at 100
Abstract painting will celebrate its centenary over the next several years. For most of the twentieth century, "pure" abstraction signified the culmination of Modernism, the ideal destination for the steady march of progress. Although it has long since shed its aura of historical inevitability, abstract painting continues to maintain a strong presence in current visual culture. This panel will present an array of critical positions and approaches taken by contemporary painters.

Linda Besemer, Occidental College
Jessica Dickinson, Pace University, Rhode Island School of Design
Louise Fishman
Shirley Kaneda, Pratt Institute
Suzanne McClelland, Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts
Carrie Moyer, Rhode Island School of Design
Wendy White, Rutgers University

Discussant: Faye Hirsch, Senior Editor, Art in America

Thursday, February 10, 9:30am-12:00pm
Trianon Ballroom, 3rd Floor
Hilton New York

If you aren't registered for the conference you can get single time-slot registration---

Single-Time-Slot Registration

Single-time-slot registration is available onsite only, during registration hours. Single time-slot refers to morning (9:30 AM–noon) or afternoon (2:30–5:00 PM) sessions. With the purchase of a single-time-slot ticket, you may enter any and all sessions within that particular time period. Purchase of a single-time-slot ticket does not include a conference badge, Conference Program, or Directory of Attendees. Price per ticket: $45 (members and nonmembers); $35 (students and retired)

Michael Stuart at Scaramouche Gallery

Saturday, January 29, 2011

UNTITLED, 2010, Enrico David

"Your Lips Are Blue," 1958, Frank Stella

"Mother and Child," 1960, Nancy Spero

"Metaesquema 209," 1956-58, Hélio Oiticica

Christopher WIlliams at David Zwirner

"collage," 2004, Albert Oehlen

"Stan VanDerBeek: The Culture Intercom" opens at MIT on Thurs., Feb. 3

Dear friends,

We are excited to invite you to the opening of Stan VanDerBeek: The Culture Intercom at The MIT List Visual Arts Center on Thursday, February 3rd from 6-8pm. The exhibition is on view through April 3, 2011 and travels to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston from May 14 to July 10, 2011.

Please note that we have launched a new website with updated and expanded images and documentation at

With Best Regards,

Sara & Johannes VanDerBeek

Jonathan Messe at Daniel Templon

"TRAUMA," 2007, Katja Strunz

Stuart Elliot

Untitled 2008

Untitled 2009

Untitled 2009

Untitled (Donut, Bagel, Hopf Link), 2010, Peter Coffin

Friday, January 28, 2011

excerpt from 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 by Richard Brautigan

The place was small and muddy and smelled like stale rain and had a large unmade bed that looked as if it had been a partner to some of the saddest love-making this side of The Cross.

There was a green bushy half-table with a couple of insect-like chairs and a little sink and a small stove that was used for cooking and heating.

There were some dirty dishes in the little sink. The dishes looked as if they had always been dirty: born dirty to last forever.

I could hear a radio playing Western music someplace in the trailer, but I couldn't find it. It was probably under a shirt or something.

"White Cloud," 1999, Malcolm Morley

"etc.," 2010, Shannon Ebner

"Francis Bacon," 1952, Lucian Freud

Francis Picabia

"Dispositivo di Rimozione #8," 2010, goldiechiari

"without title," 2000, Myne Søe-Pedersen

Sophie von Hellermann at Greene Naftali

Patrick Hill at Bortolami Gallery

Ballerina, 2011

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