Monday, February 28, 2011

"Et tu, Duchamp?," 2009/2010, Subodh Gupta

Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Haunch of Venison, March 11th - April 23rd, 2011

Film Edge (Mauve Sky, Yellow Horizon), 2011

Film Edge (Purple Horizon), 2011

HKJB: Pieced Together: Friday, March 4th, 7-10 PM

Dear Friends,

HKJB is pleased to present Pieced Together this Friday evening, March 4th, from 7-10 PM in Greenpoint.

Join us: 1205 Manhattan Ave, Suite 154 (5th Floor), Brooklyn, NY 11222



Pieced Together

Mirelle Borra
Kadar Brock
Kris Chatterson
Tony Feher
Jim Lee
Holly Zausner

One Night Only
March 4th, 2011
7:00-10:00 PM


1205 Manhattan Ave
Suite 154 (5th Floor)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 11222

Plenty of parking in front

G to Greenpoint Ave, walk up Manhattan Ave.
7 to Vernon-Jackson Ave, walk over the Pulaski Bridge

Benjamin King + Jay Henderson

"Eleanor, Aix-En-Provence," 1958, HARRY CALLAHAN

Michael Williams

"Man with a Pipe," 1890-92, Paul Cézanne

"Self Portrait at Eleven Years Old," 2004, Glen Ligon

"End Mask," Vito Acconci, 1983

"grün gelb," 2008, Steven Claydon

Powders, a Phial, and a Paper Book at Marlborough Gallery

"Dreaming," 1999, David Diao


"Josh on Houston," 2011, Sebastian Blanck

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Clause," 2009, Matt Connors

"Child's Pose," 2008, Matthew Mahler

"Composition No. 36," 1960, JEAN GORIN

"Sunset," 1972, Andy Warhol

"Bugs," 2011, Joshua Abelow

02/2011 Joshua Abelow

There was a little girl who liked to skip, jump around, and laugh like there was no tomorrow.

But, one day the little girl came down with a bad cold.

She was sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and aching.

The little girl's mother was very smart. She said, "Take this NyQuil, sweetie."

Thirty minutes later the walls and the ceiling and the floors were covered with millions of bugs.

The little girl said, "Mom, there are bugs everywhere!"

The little girl's mother said, "Don't worry baby, I'll call the exterminator."

Ryan Schneider

Day or Night Studio
VOLTA NY/ Booth D9
7 West 34th St. (btw 5th and 6th)
Thursday March 3rd- Sunday March 6th
11 AM to 7 PM (Thursday 2 PM to 7)

"Torah Blues," 1960-61, Jo Baer

"Mirage," 2008, Rose Marcus

Untitled, 2011, Gianna Commito

"Kiss 8," 2007, Kaari Upson

UNTITLED (MIST), 1982, Louisa Chase

Untitled, 1968, Ilya Kabakov

a poem by Lindsay Raspi

i could not look into your eyes

i could not shoot through them

but only stare at the worn knees of your jeans

and wonder if they were made that way

by the impression of your body

Mick Jagger and Ed Ruscha by Olivier Zahm

Saturday, February 26, 2011


"Backstage," 2010-2011, Ryan Mosley

Zoe Nelson

Swinging Infinitely /\ Infinitely Swinging, 2011

Painting Syncopation Painting, 2011

A Fantastic Fuck Framed, 2011

Jacob Robichaux

Phillip Allen at The approach

Untitled, 2011

Untitled, 2011

Untitled, 2011

"POSITIVE FEEDBACK," 1993, Stephen Willats

"Some People Do This For Fun. I’m Just A Cunt…," 2010, Sam Durant

"My Grace is Sufficient for Thee," 2011, Lucy Stein

Nicole Eisenman

Davil, 2007

Saggy Titties, 2007



Isadora Duncan, 2010

Betty Page, 2010

Ruth St.Denis, 2010

Loie Fuller, 2010

UNTITLED, 2010, Enrico David

"As A Boy," 2006, Steven Shearer

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