Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Jonathan Allmaier

"Treboul," 1930, Christopher Wood

"Mother and Son," 1927, Ben Nicholson


"Self-Portrait," 2005-2006, Billy Childish

"Note to Marty Pahls," 1959, Robert Crumb

"Bob Dylan," 1963, ROWLAND SCHERMAN

"Long Division with Remainder," 2010, Alisha Kerlin

William N. COPLEY at Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY (PART ONE)

WILLIAM N. COPLEY at Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY (PART TWO)

"Solitude," 2008, LISA ABBOTT-CANFIELD

Untitled, 2007, KORA JUNGER

Sean Bluechel

"This Sex Which Is Not One," 2010, Leidy Churchman

"Floral Flocked," 2010, John McAllister

"The Brightness," 2010, Jessica Labatte

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