Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Germ Spa," 1993, Richard Phillips

Untitled, 2009, Jonas Lipps

Untitled, 2009, Claudia Wieser

"Benedikt," 2009, Alexander Wagner

"Lolita," 2009, Dorothy Iannone

"abstract painting," 2001, Thaddeus Strode

"Hairstyle," 2005, Josh Blackwell

Tobjorn Rodland

"Bathers with a Turtle," 1907-08, Henri Matisse

"C’mon Get Happy," 2009, Deborah Kass

"Georgia. Jesse and the Jax," 2008, Sebastian Blanck

"Speedboat's Wake," 1959, Milton Avery

Lucas Samaras

"Reclining Nude with Boots," 1918, Egon Schiele

"The Knockout," 1921, e. e. cummings

"Daily News," 1983, Dona Nelson

"Portrait of Jake (Stagger Lee Series #3)," 1983, Frederick J. Brown

"Untitled (Girl with Braids)," 1938-39, Jackson Pollock

"Head of a Woman," 1903, Pablo Picasso

"The Student," 1942, Julius Bloch

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Chair," 1987, Mary Heilmann

"your signal was received but not understood," 2010, Peter Shear

"Calling," 1965, Allan Kaprow

"Cloth Octagonal, 2," 1967, Richard Tuttle

"Partial Truth," 1997, Bruce Nauman

Charles Bukowski: For Jane

"Untitled Text Msg [Jane]," 2009, Adam McEwen

"Untitled (Drury Inn)," 1995, Martin Kippenberger

Untitled (I), 1992, Michael Krebber

"Raivola," 2009, John Zurier

Richard Brautigan: Literature

"Bathers," 2008, Ella Kruglyanskaya

"Andy Abelow Headstand," 2010

"Breast Bomb," 1967, Robert Heinecken

"Redux in Black and Pastel," 2009, Amy Bessone

"Untitled (How can you believe me when I said I love you when you know I have been a liar all my life)," 2010, Friedrich Kunath

"Thirty Pea Rainbow," 2008, Richard Hughes

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Woman's Head," 1910, Kees van Dongen

"Woman's Head," 1920, André Derain

"Woman's Head," 1908, Pablo Picasso

"Wood," 1964, Agnes Martin

"Woman (Opera Singer)," 1934, Joan Miró


Eli Hansen

"Ciara," 2000, Lara Schnitger

"Van Dongen," 2010, Jack Pierson

"Work No. 796 (Bean bags)," 2007 , Martin Creed

"Self-Portrait," 2010, Joshua Abelow

Untitled, 1971, Blinky Palermo

"Yvonne Landsberg," 1914, Henri Matisse

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